You Are About To Experience
Universal Calling
Immense Knowledge
Spiritual Healing
Yogic Powers
Emotional Release
Ayurvedic Solutions
Activated Energy
Strong Will
Focused Balance
Calm Sense
Experience all at one place
Experience your yogic journey amidst the
beautiful beaches of Goa, attain your
transformation and connect with the homies
from around the world, enjoy the fun rituals
and traditions, learn from the best of gurus
and feel what it is like to have a second home
at Kashish Yoga Goa.

Yoga Teacher Training at
*temporary closed due to Covid

Kashish Yoga Goa

With internet connectivity, a phone, a yoga
mat and a will to change for the better,
Kashish Yoga Online journey leads you to your
best version hidden in you. An experience of a
lifetime where you get yourself a community
that supports you everywhere and at every
point in life.

Yoga Teacher Training at


From the foothills of the Himalayas in
Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World is
calling the yogi in you. Learn the ways to heal
and transform your life and others through
yogic practices. A comfortable, safe and a
relaxing environment call you out at Kashish
Yoga Rishikesh.

Yoga Teacher Training at
*temporary closed due to Covid

Kashish Yoga Rishikesh

With Yoga and Ayurveda, We Envision
Spreading sense of oneness
Making world a better place
Helping people find their true selves
Sending yogic vibes from India to all

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