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About Course

The 300-hour YTTC at Kashish Yoga is a careful compilation of practices from some of the oldest purist schools of yoga. It’s an extensively designed form of YTT curriculum focusing on Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga style and disseminating deep knowledge on Patanjali Sutras, Yoga Psychology, Science of Breath & Thought, Ayurveda and Yogic Diet, Body Anatomy & Functions as well to the students worldwide. This course is a perfect blend of both - modern and traditional yoga teaching methodologies. And the philosophy that you learn in yoga is very well related to and helpful for the lifestyle going on in today’s scenario, therefore, will be useful for you in various ways to lead a peaceful life.

Approved by Yoga Alliance
  • Each session is a live session, which gives you a perpetual feeling of being in the presence of a guru.
  • Live classes on Hatha Yoga.
  • Live classes on Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Live classes on Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Theory & Practical live classes, on all the topics of the curriculum.
  • Our downloadable and printable comprehensive manual with illustrative photos and information.
  • Theory Examinations.
  • Yoga Alliance course completion certificate.
  • And lastly, we believe that learning without reflecting is a waste. Therefore, we spent extra hours on reviewing your questions periodically for you to absorb all the knowledge.
You can Apply if you...
  • Have done any prior yoga teacher training.
  • Want to gain expertise after pursuing the basic beginner YTT course.
  • Want to obtain RYT 500 status with Yoga Alliance International after the completion of your 200-hour YTTC.
  • Want to deepen your practice and take it to a whole new expert level.
  • Are looking for an exhaustive yoga course with all elements which are safe, well designed and concise.
  • Are looking to get certified as a professional yoga teacher.
  • Want to explore the rich ancient Indian art form and its wonders.
  • Want to explore and attain the highest level of spirituality.

Know your GURUS

Om Vipul

Om Vipul

YCB Level 3 Ayush INDIA
ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance USA - EYT Yoga Alliance UK
Om Vipul

Ritesh Patel

P.G.D.Y. Ed
Black Belt - Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation

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Course Curriculum

Course at a Glance:

300-hour yoga teacher training course at Kashish Yoga is a perfect way to obtain certifications like RYS 300 and RYS 500 with International Yoga Alliance. In addition to the detailed curriculum on Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, the course provides you with an ample amount of knowledge and confidence required to lead an advanced yoga class and become a successful and mindful yoga teacher. You’ll get to learn and practice the course through five different modules, namely:

1. Yoga Techniques: This includes all the Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas.
2. Teaching Methodology: This includes Instructions, Observation, Adjustment and Alignment.
3. Yogic History and Philosophy: This includes the importance of ethics in the lifestyle of a Yoga Teacher.
4. Anatomy and Physiology: One of the most important and critical modules of training – Knowing the human body and bones.
5. Teaching Practice.

Yoga Philosophy:

The Yogic philosophy emphasizes on the part of Adi Yogi, the origin of Yoga, its purpose, its existence, its history, the paths, the Sutras and the other texts. Students also get to learn about the five states of mind, the five Kleshas, the reason behind our pain & suffering, Chitta Bhumis and much more. All these texts serve various philosophies & the students get access to all.

Ayurveda & Yogic Diet:

Ayurveda and Yogic science are two great blessings to mankind. This section of the curriculum involves a deep knowledge on the connection between Purusha and Prakriti, enlightens what Ahamkara and Gunas are, share the insights on Ayurvedic Doshas and all about a yogi’s diet.

Teaching Practice, Methodology & Technique:

Includes general teaching methods like professional approach, authenticity, themes & sequencing, space management, starting a class, motivating students, and more. Shares knowledge on all four tools of teaching - Verbal instructions, Demonstration, Observation, and Adjustments. Besides professional techniques, your yoga teaching requires passion, grace, emotional intelligence, generosity, patience, compassion, and ethics.

Lifestyle & Ethics for A Yoga Teacher:

As a Yoga Teacher, you tend to transform lives at some level with just the way you live. Therefore, learning and adopting ethics in your lifestyle as a yoga teacher is quite a necessity.

Pranayama & Meditation:

Pranayama is controlling one’s flow of energy throughout the body. Teaching pranayama involves nine techniques of breathing - from deep abdominal breathing to anulom-vilom, ujjayi to kapalbhati, sheetali to bhramari, and more. In the meditation classes, you will not only be guided on your spiritual path but also get a chance to reflect internally by looking at your thoughts and understanding your emotions. You will learn the different techniques of how to meditate successfully.

Anatomy & Physiology:

Yoga anatomy is a descriptive illustration of the human body - the bones, the systems, and the muscles. You learn about every bone kind, joints, and stretch points of your body. It involves teaching the range of motion of every part that the bone is entitled to, their functions, and preventive measures a teacher must consider during the class.


Upon completion of your course, you will receive your 300-hour YTTC certification accredited by the Yoga Alliance International. A certificate that will enable you to teach yoga worldwide and online as well.


We will send you 10-15 questions in the middle of your course. You shall have enough time to reflect, refer and answer them with peace and send us the same by the end of the course date. You may choose to prepare and present a 20 min video of yourself teaching a yoga class or take a class online itself for your course mates. We will guide you on this in detail.

Schedule & Fee

You can complete the course in

45 Days or 90 Days

Starting on January 11th, 2021 February 21st, 2021

Timing will be informed after comfirmed registration.

Fee 600

Payment Mode: Card Payment, Paypal, TransferWise.


Our prices may INCREASE from time to time. However, please be assured that we shall commit to the same price at which you have booked and not ask you for the difference. Similarly, our prices may decrease as well. But we shall remain committed to the price at which you have booked.

Talk to us to know more...

We are excited to hear you to understand your need and requirements, so that you will be guided precisely. Connect with us through WhatsApp call/chat at +91-79082 95128 OR PROVIDE YOUR WHATSAPP NUMBER AND WE SHALL GET BACK TO YOU.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Cancellation: Students can choose to cancel their booking at any time before the commencement of the course. However, cancellation does not entitle refund of any fees paid (whether partially or fully). The paid fees can be used for a future course date or can be used as deposit for the Live (in-person) course at any of our schools.

Refund: As mentioned above, fees once paid (whether partially or fully) is non-refundable. It can be transferred to the future course date or be used as a deposit for a Live (in-person) training at either of our schools.


The online course fee is 600 euros. You can pay through PayPal, Debit or Credit Card or even TransferWise. Paying via our payment channel (card payment) will levy a 5 % charge and paying via PayPal will levy a 5.5% charge on international transactions. Students having a bank account in India may pay through Net banking or Google Pay.

As of now, we are offering this course in English. We shall soon introduce other languages as well.

All you need is an accepting and an open heart to acknowledge and welcome the change.

Absolutely yes! The whole purpose of yoga is to enable you to become fit and flexible - physically and mentally.

You can inform the course coordinator in advance. We shall provide you with the recorded session of the class.

Not for every YTT course but for 300-hrs YTTC a certain amount of experience with yoga is required. If you are joining 300 hr program with us to obtain RYT 500 status with Yoga Alliance International, then please be informed that Yoga Alliance requires you to have an RYT 200 certification. However, if you are doing this program for self-development, then please let us know about your prior experience with yoga so that our faculty can decide whether you are eligible to take up this course or not. Should you not be eligible, we would suggest you first take up our 200 Hr YTTC and then proceed with 300 Hr YTTC.

There are endless possibilities. You could • Work as an independent teacher • Open your own studio • Work as an assistant teacher in a big organization • Be a part of a health & wellness/yoga retreat • Write for an international yoga/health magazine • Work with 5-star hotels/beach resorts as a yoga professional • Work in gyms and fitness centre • Work in a school as a teacher • Be a part of an NGO/government organization/hospitals/corporates

Since it is an advance level course, you’d be required to have some sort of Yoga training before you go for 300-hour YTTC, if you are a beginner, we would suggest you go for our 200-hour YTTC first and then go for the 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Being a successful yoga teacher takes some time, but as they say, practice makes a person perfect. And 80% of our passed out students are confident enough to teach right after the course ends. Freelance yoga teachers earn really well, plus you earn on your terms. You are professionally certified to open your own yoga studio and become a professional teacher in yoga schools. So the future is undoubtedly bright.

Yoga Alliance is one of the biggest and most reputed organizations for Yoga Teachers in the world. It sets an extremely high benchmark to teach yoga. By qualifying and receiving the certificate, you become eligible to teach anywhere in the world.

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