Rules & Regulations

I am a seeker, I am a yogi, I am aware and, therefore, agree…

  • …that I will embrace the opportunity to grow by a both physically and mentally challenging teacher training course. I will not complain but take great pride and joy in the way I will be able to handle all demanding situations.
  • …that I alone am fully responsible for my transforming body and I will take loving care of it to avoid all injuries or accidents or physical health related issues that might occur during my stay at the retreat for any reason whatsoever. I take full responsibility for my own health, all injuries or accidents and well-being during my time here, and will not hold Kashish Yoga India or any of the teaching or administrative staff or management staff responsible.
  • …that I alone am fully responsible for my worldly goods and personal belongings during my time at Kashish Yoga. Therefore, I will keep my belongings as my mind, in order, clean, tidy and well-organized to avoid any loss or theft.
  • …that I will participate in all classes of the course to expand my knowledge and abilities. Further, I am aware that the curriculum is based on the guidelines of Yoga Alliance and therefore, requires all participants to show up, participate, and commit 100% to the course to graduate successfully. I am fully responsible not to miss a class for any personal reasons of mine. In case I have to miss a class, I might request the management for extra classes, if available, and it may be organized subject to extra fees.
  • …that I will have a positive, open, curious, team-oriented, optimistic and trusting attitude. If I find myself behaving in a disruptive, rude or negative manner, or being complaining or manipulating in nature, I will accept myself as not being ready to continue my studies. In this case, the management has the right and duty to remove me from the course and the retreat without any refund of fees to protect my co-students and the peaceful atmosphere of the school.
  • …that I will walk my path of enlightenment without the help of any substitutes like tobacco or alcohol. If I am found consuming the said items on the school premises, then I will be expelled from Kashish Yoga India without any discussion, reasoning or refund of fees because I am not ready to continue the yogic path yet. Further, I understand and agree that if I am found with narcotics or any sort of illegal drugs, which is completely prohibited, then I shall immediately be expelled and I will be handed over to authorities for further action.
  • …that I alone am fully responsible for myself during any outings. I will take full and loving care to protect myself and therefore, Kashish Yoga India shall not be responsible for any incident during my time spent outside the retreat.
  • …that I will meet guests only in the common areas of the school and only after I have gained permission from the management.
  • …that I will respect the resident animals and treat them well. I will not disturb their peaceful home at Kashish Yoga by bringing foreign animals who will destroy the serene atmosphere.
  • …that I am grateful for all the provided inclusions mentioned in my course investment. If I find myself not content with the same, I am free to make my own arrangements at my own cost without any refunds.
  • …that I am grateful for the healthy and nutritious meals that are prepared with love and care every day. If I have specific nutritional needs other than the group meals, I will take care and make arrangements for myself at my own cost without any refunds.
  • …that I am free to always leave the course before its conclusion for any reason whatsoever – personal or not. In this case, I dispense the refund of any fees.
  • …that I will take good care of the property in the retreat belonging to Kashish Yoga India or my co-students. I will take full responsibility if I damage, disrupt, break or lose any of it and will immediately pay for the damage at an amount determined by the Management Team or my co-students.
  • …that everything I finalized with Kashish Yoga India is an individual contract. The fees, services, room type, extra nights, pick-up/drop facility, inclusions or exclusions etc. are an individual and single agreement and cannot be compared with any other student’s in any course.
  • …that I am always welcome to discuss any issue with the management during office hours. Furthermore, I respect the privacy of the Management Team and will not bother them at odd hours.
  • …that the school might take photos during classes and otherwise for assessment, evaluation or to publish on their website, social media and other places. I agree and will be happy to help.

I have read these terms and conditions and accepted all conditions. I am aware of all terms and agree to them without any pressure, at my own free will. I am aware that Kashish Yoga India mentioned in all terms and conditions above refers to the school Kashish Yoga India, company owning Kashish Yoga India, the firm managing Kashish Yoga India, its proprietor, partners, teachers and all employees.